Torrent playlists for Portcase Player

Portcase Player supports Torrent playlists in two formats, XML and JSON.

Example of XML format

Example of JSON format

Playlist element attributes:

name - default name of playlist. Can be modified by user in Portcase Player.

version - version of playlist standard. Should be set as 1.0 for now.

search-url - if attribute contains valid url and [query] placeholder, Portcase Player will query playlist online for search results.

Torrent element child elements:

name - name of torrent. Mandatory element.

source - .torrent file url or magnet link. Mandatory element.

image - image for torrent.

description - description of torrent content.

date - torrent creation date in format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS

size - size of all files in torrent in bytes

peers - number of peers online

seeds - numbers of seeds online

For the correct load of torrent playlist, playlist must contain at least one torrent element.